Archaeological Site of Abdera


About 6km south of modern Abdera lies the acropolis of the ancient town, inhabited in the 7th century BC but wracked by various invasions, until it was abandoned in the early 4th century AD. You can walk only along the perimeter of excavated areas, making it hard to see the details. Still, you can see a portion of the city wall, as well as the orderly block-style urban plan, including a paved courtyard of a Roman-era house.

North of the main entrance is the middle-Byzantine fortification wall of Polystylon, as the settlement was later called, laid upon the pre-existing Roman walls.

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1. Archaeological Museum of Abdera

0.34 MILES

This fine small museum exhibits the findings from ancient Abdera, with a focus on daily life: medical tools, for instance, and clay figurines, made in a…

2. Kioutouklou Baba Teke

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3. Moni Agiou Nikolaou

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4. House of Shadow

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Triandafyllos Vaitsis works scrap metal and other findings into surprising sculptures that cast contradictory shadows. It's a relatively short visit, and…

5. Folk Museum

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Most signage at this museum is in Greek, so consider it more an excuse to poke around two linked 19th-century mansions, built for tobacco-baron brothers…

6. Old Xanthi

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7. Ancient Agora

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Next to the archaeological museum stand the foundation ruins of the ancient agora, the commercial centre in ancient times. About 100m east of the agora,…

8. Archaeological Museum

18.53 MILES

Looking like an alien creature from the sci-fi movie Avatar, a 5m-tall 6th-century-BC kouros (male statue of the Archaic period) carrying a ram greets…