Roman Forum


As immaculately laid out as you'd expect of the Romans, this rectangular site was the centre of public and commercial Thessaloniki from the 1st to the 4th centuries. Understandably much reduced, you'll nonetheless be able to make out streets, shops, baths, cloisters, an amphitheatre, fountains and more. Underground is the small but very-worthwhile museum, which adds considerably to the understanding of the site you'll take away.

Combined tickets to the Byzantine Museum, the Archaeological Museum, White Tower, Roman Forum and Galerian Complex-Arched Hall, valid for three days, are €15/8.

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1. Church of Agios Dimitrios

0.11 MILES

This enormous 7th-century basilica honours Thessaloniki’s patron saint. A Roman soldier, Dimitrios was killed around AD 306 at this former Roman bath site…

2. Yeni Hammam

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An atmospheric 16th-century structure, this former Turkish bath has great acoustics. Today it houses a bar that's gone to great lengths to turn the lovely…

3. Bey Hammam

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Bey Hammam was built in 1444, making it Thessaloniki’s oldest Turkish bathhouse and reputedly the largest remaining in Greece. Externally squat and…

4. Church of the Panagia Achiropiitos

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This basilica-style 5th-century Byzantine church, built over Roman baths and one of the oldest in Greece, has notable mosaics and frescoes. The name,…

5. Monastirioton Synagogue

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The only surviving one of Thessaloniki's 45 pre-WWII synagogues owes its preservation to the fact that it was used as a warehouse by the Red Cross. Spared…

6. Modiano Market


The city's largest indoor market sits on the ashes of former Jewish neighbourhood Kadi, which burned down in the 1917 fire. The architect Eli Modiano…

7. Church of Agia Sofia

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Candlelight on gold chandeliers pierces the gloom in this stunning 8th-century church, modelled on its İstanbul namesake. Among many striking 8th- and 9th…

8. Yad Lazikaron

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Opposite the Modiano Market in the former Jewish quarter, Yad Lazikaron opened in 1984 as a practising house of worship dedicated to victims of the…