Yad Lazikaron


Opposite the Modiano Market in the former Jewish quarter, Yad Lazikaron opened in 1984 as a practising house of worship dedicated to victims of the Holocaust.

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1. Modiano Market

0.04 MILES

The city's largest indoor market sits on the ashes of former Jewish neighbourhood Kadi, which burned down in the 1917 fire. The architect Eli Modiano…

2. Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

0.12 MILES

This touching museum is housed in one of the few Jewish buildings to survive the great fire of 1917, the former office of Jewish newspaper L'Independent…

3. Plateia Aristotelous

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Built after the great fire of 1917, this is where Thessaloniki looked away from its Ottoman and Byzantine past towards modernity, aspiring to the planned…

4. National Bank of Greece

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This grand neoclassical temple of mammon is particularly graceful in design. You can pop inside during working hours.

5. Bey Hammam

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Bey Hammam was built in 1444, making it Thessaloniki’s oldest Turkish bathhouse and reputedly the largest remaining in Greece. Externally squat and…

6. Church of Agia Sofia

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Candlelight on gold chandeliers pierces the gloom in this stunning 8th-century church, modelled on its İstanbul namesake. Among many striking 8th- and 9th…

7. Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

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Ground zero for Greek nationalism, this museum in a handsome late-19th-century mansion recounts how heroic Hellenes wrested Macedonia from both Turks and…

8. Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

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Delve into the history of Greek cinema at this well executed small museum, a legacy of Thessaloniki's 1997 stint as European Capital of Culture.