Archaeological Museum

Central Greece

Lamia's medieval castle commands great views atop a wooded hill directly above the centre, a steep 1km hike or longer drive up. Within its walls, the city’s old-school Archaeological Museum displays local finds from Neolithic to Roman times. Look out for an amazing wreath of golden myrtle leaves from the early Hellenistic era, around 200 BC.

Individual items are labelled in English, but the general information is in Greek only.

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1. Gorgopotamos Railway Bridge

5.62 MILES

On 25 November 1942, in one of the greatest acts of sabotage of WWII, a combined Greek and British guerrilla force blew up the Gorgopotamos Railway Bridge…

2. Thermopylae


One of the greatest military feats of antiquity, still legendary 2500 years on, took place at Thermopylae, signposted off the road to Athens 17km…

3. Agathon Monastery

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A tortuous mountain road climbs 7km west from Ipati to reach the lovely, still functioning Byzantine Agathon Monastery, into which visitors can freely…

4. Amfissa Castle

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Set in wooded grounds atop a hill northwest of the town centre, Amfissa’s ruined 13th-century castle retains around 600m of its original fortified wall.

5. Archaeological Museum of Amfissa

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This handsome museum, housed in an impressive mansion, holds a wonderful assortment of local finds dating from the Bronze Age to the early Byzantine…

6. Museum of Greek Revolution

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The former home of Dimitrios Panourgias, a hero of the 19th-century struggle for Greek independence, opened in 2019 as a museum of the revolution. In the…

7. Parnassos National Park

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Towering northwards above Delphi and Arahova, Mt Parnassos was sacred to the gods Dionysos and Apollo. The modern Parnassos National Park holds three…

8. Moni Profiti Ilia

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East of Amfissa towards Delphi, the 19th-century convent of Moni Profiti Ilia rests on a hillside with superb views across the olive groves to the Gulf of…