Old Town Moat

Rhodes Town

The moat beneath the Old Town ramparts was simply a defensive ditch, never filled with water. Now landscaped as a park, with spacious lawns and lush flowers, it’s a great place to stroll or picnic. It’s accessible from the gardens near Liberty Gate in the north; at Akandia Gate in the southeast; or via stairways at the gates of St Anthony and St Athanasios. Look out for stacks of stone cannonballs, fired by Ottoman besiegers in 1480 and 1522.

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1. Municipal Art Gallery

0.09 MILES

Set on the upper floor of a grand medieval building, on your right as you enter the Old Town via Liberty Gate, this gallery belongs to the city’s four…

2. Liberty Gate

0.09 MILES

The busiest entrance to the Old Town, close to the seafront and Mandraki Harbour, Liberty Gate was constructed in the 14th century to serve as a bridge to…

3. Temple of Aphrodite

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The fenced-off vestiges of a Temple of Aphrodite, dating from the 3rd century BC, face visitors who pass through the Liberty Gate. This is one of the few…

5. Knights’ Quarter

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Essentially an occupying army, the Knights of St John transformed the northern segment of the Old Town during the 14th and 15th centuries, to create what…

6. Decorative Arts Collection

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This endearing little museum consists of a single large white-walled room, filled to the brim with everyday vernacular objects from the 18th and 19th…

7. Inn of France

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Dating from 1492, the Inn of France is the most ornate and distinctive of all the inns on the Street of the Knights, which were used as residences by…

8. House of Djem

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Glass panels set in the floor of this thoroughly excavated medieval structure expose columns that once lined one of Rhodes’ main Roman streets. Local lore…