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While its sponge-fishing heyday is long past, Kalymnos remains inextricably entwined with the sea, particularly in its capital and main ferry port, Pothia, where you’ll still find stalls piled high with unearthly looking sponges, and a statue of Poseidon surveying the harbour. As Pothia is a working town, it’s more restful to stay in the smaller west-coast settlements such as Emborios and Myrties, or over on Telendos.

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Full-Day Boat Tour in Pserimos Kalymnos and Platy

Departure from Kos Harbor at approx 9:30am. About 1 hour later you will arrive at Pserimos, a small island with only 60 inhabitants. You remain in Pserimos for more than an hour, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the water, and the lovely view. You depart from Pserimos at 12:30pm and sail towards the small island of Plati. You anchor near the coast of the island and have free time to swim while the crew is preparing lunch. Lunch is served around 2:00pm and consists of souvlaki, Greek salad, tzatziki, and fruit.After lunch you sail towards Kalymnos to Pothia, the capital city of Kalymnos. Pothia is one of the most colorful towns of the Dodecanese. Every house has its own color, and every color has a different meaning. The island has a very dry mountainous landscape with some valleys.You will walk down to one of the many sponge factories which exist in Pothia as Kalymnos is well-known for its famous sponge divers. At the factory you will learn about the history and the facts of sponge diving and will be given a demonstration on cutting and bleaching sponges. After visiting the factory there will be plenty of time for a walk through the small streets of Pothia; after this you can also walk through the shops of the main town.

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Community Sailing Week in Greek Islands - Kos, Rhodes

We include you into planning each days itinerary. We are true to a real sailing spirit and plan together with the wind, weather and you! Therefore, please just treat the below itinerary as a general idea. We will customize it to meet your crew wishes and the current weather. Only the mad ones sail against the wind!Day 1: KOS: We’ll have a great time walking around car-free pedestrian-friendly Kos, exploring cafes, taverns, restaurants and shops. Maybe we’ll set anchor near Kefalos, a lovely resort with beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.Day 2: KALYMNOS: Also known as the “island of the sea sponge harvesters”, Kalymnos is an internationally known alternative tourism destination, it’s popular among climbers all year long. Póthia, the capital and the port of Kálymnos are spread majestically on two hills, and there are a number of interesting old ruins to visit.Day 3: NISIROS: A 3 kilometre wide active caldera in the middle of this island is a remarkable sight! We’ll moor up in the lovely little town of Nisiros and rent scooters or a van in Paloi to go drive around the island and explore its volcanic centre. Day 4: TILOS: Ragged mountains, densely forested ranges and hilly vistas, Tilos is an amazing ecological park protected by international treaties. Megálo Chorió, the island’s capital, boasts imposing stone houses, narrow alleys and a very cute small port. The view from the medieval castle at the top of the hill will certainly take your breath away. Alternatively, a walk to Mikro Chorió leads to an impressive abandoned ghost town. Definitely worth exploring!Day 5: CHALKI: The capital of Chalki is built like an amphitheatre, above the crystal clear sea, preserving its noble beauty, its picturesque alleys and its unique architecture. It is known as of the prettiest neoclassical settlements of Greece! We could hike up to see the sunset over the harbour, or just hang out sitting in a café watching old men play chess.Day 6: RHODES: The largest of the Dodecanese, Rhodes lies close to the Turkish coast. In ancient times, it was famous for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus, a giant statue of the god Helios that towered over the harbour. Today, Rhodes is famous for its more tranquil side – lovely beaches, lush landscape and traditional villages.Day 7: HEADING BACK TO KOS REGATTA: We put our newly acquired skills to the test on the way back to Kos with a fun little race!Day 8: KOS: After a farewell dinner, we make our goodbyes to new friends made. Where shall we sail next time?  

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Kos: Full-Day Boat Trip to Kalymnos, Pserimos and Platy

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Avlakia Beach, Pserimos, Kalymnos, Dodecanese, South AegeanEnjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters of this beautiful beachDuration: 1 hour

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