Poros Temple


The smallest and oldest of the three adjacent temples to Apollo at the heart of his sanctuary, this one dates from the 6th-century BC and was named for the porous limestone from which it was made.

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2. Temple of the Delians

0.02 MILES

Also known as the Great Temple of Apollo, this was the largest of the temples in the god's sanctuary. Construction commenced in 478 BC.

3. Artemision

0.03 MILES

Adjoining the sanctuary of Apollo was a smaller compound forming the sanctuary of his twin sister, Artemis. Three remaining columns mark the location of…

4. Propylaea

0.04 MILES

This colonnaded building once formed the monumental entrance to the sanctuary of Apollo.

5. Monument of the Bulls

0.05 MILES

Built in the 4th century BC, this narrow building is believed to have a housed a trireme – a tribute to Apollo following a victorious battle of Demetrius…

6. Stoa of the Naxiots

0.05 MILES

The remains of a colonnaded portico, built in the 6th-century BC and forming the western edge of the Sanctuary of Appolo.

7. Dodekatheon

0.06 MILES

Dating from the 3rd century BC, this small temple was dedicated to the 12 principal gods of the Greek pantheon. Statuary from the temple is housed in the…

8. Stoa of Philip V

0.07 MILES

Together with the South Stoa, this 72m-long portico formed a grand processional route to the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was dedicated to the god in 210 BC by…