House of Cleopatra


No, not that Cleopatra. This ruined villa contains headless statues of its former owners, a rich Athenian couple called Cleopatra and Dioscurides, along with some Doric columns.

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Nearby Delos attractions

1. House of Dionysos

0.03 MILES

The remains of a lavish villa, with a mosaic depicting the god of wine riding a tiger (the original is in the museum).

3. Theatre

0.09 MILES

Built between 296 and 240 BC, this partially restored marble theatre could once seat 6500 spectators in its 40 rows. The large cistern in front of it…

4. Ancient Delos

0.11 MILES

Delos has a special place in Greek mythology. When Leto was pregnant with twins Apollo and Artemis, she was relentlessly pursued by a vengeful Hera – the…

5. Agora of the Delians

0.12 MILES

Near the entrance to the Sanctuary of Apollo, this market square has an L-shaped stoa which was once lined with shops.

6. House of Hermes

0.13 MILES

A lavish multistory home from the 2nd century BC with a partially intact courtyard.

7. South Stoa

0.13 MILES

This 66m-long portico, originally supported by 28 Doric columns, was built in the 3rd century BC, lining the route to the Sanctuary of Apollo.

8. Stoa of Philip V

0.13 MILES

Together with the South Stoa, this 72m-long portico formed a grand processional route to the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was dedicated to the god in 210 BC by…