Ancient bas-relief on grave stele in Kerameikos with scene from Palaestra - wrestlers in action. On the left an athlete is ready to jump, on the right another one prepairing the pit. Athens, Greece; Shutterstock ID 1745203673; your: Erin Lenczycki; gl: 65050 ; netsuite: Digital; full: Digital

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Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos

Gazi, Keramikos & Metaxourgio

Visit the small museum at Kerameikos to see the originals of some pieces that are shown in replica around the historical site: delicate grave stelae (grave markers), for example, and a great marble bull. It also has some especially finely painted pottery from the 5th century BC; outside, don't miss the lifelike stone mountain dog.

The museum (and the entire site excavation) was sponsored in the 1920s and 1930s by Gustav Oberlaender, a German-American textile magnate.

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