Greek & Roman Ruins


A complex of impressive Greek and Roman ruins straddles both sides of the Tripoli road. The star attraction is the impressively large theatre, which originally seated 20,000 people. Dating from around 300 BC, it was greatly modified by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. Next to it is the impressively preserved wall of a Roman bathhouse; beyond is the 1st-century AD odeion (smaller covered theatre), whose origins date back to the 5th century BC. Across the road is the sizeable ancient agora.

From central Argos, head south along Danaou for about 500m and then turn right onto Theatrou.

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Nearby Argolis attractions

1. Byzantine Museum of Argolis

0.36 MILES

It's worth visiting Argos for this fine museum alone. Opened in 2017, it provides an evocative insight into Byzantine history, within the context of the…

2. Archaeological Museum of Argos

0.42 MILES

Just off the central square, the archaeological museum includes some outstanding and complete Roman mosaics and sculptures in its collection, as well as…

3. Larissa Castle

0.58 MILES

Looming over Argos, Larissa Castle is a crumbling conglomeration of purple-flower-studded towers, bastions and wall sections – contributed by Roman,…

4. Tiryns

4.83 MILES

The unfairly underrated Mycenaean acropolis, 4km north of Nafplio, is the apogee of Mycenaean architectural achievement. Legend has it that its massive…

5. Lerna

5.51 MILES

This small site is worth a stop for its intriguing House of the Tiles, one of the most important Greek remains from the 3rd millennium BC. It's very well…

6. Ktima Skouras


George Skouras has been making wine since the 1980s and this impressive spot, ten kilometres from Argos, is well worth dropping by for a taste…

7. Bourtzi

5.71 MILES

Odyssey Cruises runs boat excursions to this island fortress. Built in 1473, it lies about 600m west of the town's port and has served variously as a…

8. Archaeological Museum


Inside a splendid Venetian building, this museum traces the social development of Argolis, from the hunter-gatherers of the Franchthi Cave to the…