Eastern Saxony

This once-drab cluster of GDR-era buildings has been transformed into a colourful and fanciful living quarter dreamed up by Berlin artist Sergej Alexander Dott. Highlights include giant sheep clambering around bright orange facades, and centaurs and angels standing guard over a pedestrianised walkway spanned by a massive double helix.

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1. Johanniskirche


Zittau's grand Church of St John has medieval roots, but the current version was designed by celebrated Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who…

3. Salzhaus

0.34 MILES

Overlooking fountain-studded Neustadt square, the weighty Salzhaus was originally a 16th-century salt storage house and now brims with market stalls,…

4. Museum Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz

0.41 MILES

This former church holds Zittau's most famous attraction, the 1472 Grosses Zittauer Fastentuch (Large Zittau Lenten Veil). The house-sized painted linen…

5. Heimatmuseum

8.74 MILES

If you want to learn more about the Moravian Brethren and its illustrious founder, Count Nicolaus Zinzendorf, head to Herrnhut's local history museum,…

6. Völkerkundemuseum

8.97 MILES

Even before they started travelling the world, the Hernhutters were so obsessed with exotic lands they purchased items brought from Australia by Captain…

7. Art Nouveau Department Store

19.53 MILES

Famously featuring in Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel, this architectural stunner is centred on a galleried atrium accented with wooden…

8. Reichenbacher Turm

19.62 MILES

Climb the 165 steps to the top of this fortification tower that was inhabited by a sentry until 1904. En route, exhibits on the purpose of such sentries …