Eastern Saxony

This museum will fascinate anyone with a taste for the odd with its curiously broad exhibits. Wealthy merchant Johann Christian Ameiss translated his wealth into this magnificent baroque residence that later became the seat of a prestigious scientific society. On the 1st floor, family rooms with period furnishings lead to cabinets brimming with baroque porcelain, art, glass, silver and other precious objects. Exhibits on the upper floor highlight society members' diverse research interests – including physics, archaeology and music.

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1. Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz

0.03 MILES

The splendid Schönhof, a 1526 Renaissance residence, forms the atmospheric backdrop to this comprehensive exhibit on the culture and history of Silesia, a…

2. Rathaus

0.06 MILES

Görlitz' town hall takes up the entire western side of the Untermarkt, but the oldest and most noteworthy section is the tower building with the curving…

3. Peterskirche

0.13 MILES

Crowning Görlitz' skyline, this Gothic church is especially famous for its Sonnenorgel (Sun Organ), fashioned by Silesian-Italian Eugenio Casparini in…

4. Dreifaltigkeitskirche

0.14 MILES

Dominating the Obermarkt, this 15th-century former Franciscan monastery church is packed with medieval masterpieces, most notably the baroque high altar…

5. Reichenbacher Turm


Climb the 165 steps to the top of this fortification tower that was inhabited by a sentry until 1904. En route, exhibits on the purpose of such sentries …

6. Art Nouveau Department Store

0.32 MILES

Famously featuring in Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel, this architectural stunner is centred on a galleried atrium accented with wooden…

7. Heiliges Grab

0.39 MILES

The Heiliges Grab is a close replica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem as it looked in the Middle Ages during the time of the Crusades. Among the…

8. Heimatmuseum

14.39 MILES

If you want to learn more about the Moravian Brethren and its illustrious founder, Count Nicolaus Zinzendorf, head to Herrnhut's local history museum,…