Muskauer Park

Eastern Saxony

Unesco-listed Muskauer Park is the verdant masterpiece of 19th-century celebrity landscape gardener, Prince Hermann von Pückler, who inherited his family estate in 1811. At a whopping 560 hectares, the folly-peppered park is too large to be fully explored on foot. Bike hire (€5 per day) is available at the well-signposted Schlossvorwerk, a leafy courtyard where you’ll also find a cafe, gift shops and luggage lockers.

A stroll around the landscaped park will eventually take you to its main building, the Neues Schloss, home of the tourist office in the west wing and to 'Pückler!', an interactive, push-button caper through the action-packed life of the park’s flamboyant mastermind. Take in views of the park from the top of the palace tower.

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