Historisch-Technisches Museum

Coastal Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania

Peenemünde is immodestly billed as ‘the birthplace of space travel’ here. Displays – some in surviving buildings – do a good job of showing how the rockets were developed and the destruction they caused.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Coastal Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania attractions

1. Wieck

13.24 MILES

The photogenic centre of this fishing village is a Dutch-style wooden drawbridge. The small harbour is often alive with fishing boats landing – and…

2. Mönchgüter Museen

14.21 MILES

Göhren has a collection of four historic sites, which together make up the Monchgüter Museen, including the historical Heimatsmuseum, the Museumshof farm,…

3. Marienkirche

15.94 MILES

The 12th-century red-brick Marienkirche is a square three-nave tower trimmed with turrets. It's easy to see why it's called 'Fat Mary'. Look for the 16th…

4. Pommersches Landesmuseum

16.02 MILES

This outstanding museum links three Franciscan monastery buildings via a 73m-long, glassed-in hall. There’s a major gallery of paintings, including half a…

5. Markt

16.04 MILES

The richly ornamented buildings ringing the Markt hint at Greifswald’s stature in the Middle Ages. The Rathaus, at the western end, started life as some…

6. Dom St Nikolai

16.21 MILES

The 100m onion-domed tower of 14th-century Dom St Nikolai rises above a row of historic facades, giving the cathedral the nickname ‘Long Nicholas’. The…

7. Seebrüucke

17.29 MILES

Sellin's Seebrüucke (pier) is an ornate, turreted pavilion sitting out over the water at the end of a long wooden causeway. The original pier was built in…

8. Jagdschloss Granitz

17.76 MILES

A grandiose hunting palace built in 1723 on top of the 107m-high Tempelberg, Jagdschloss Granitz was significantly enlarged and altered by Wilhelm Malte I…