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Sticking out above Rottweil like a sore thumb, the futuristic, environmentally progressive Testturm is the brainchild of steel-engineering giant Thyssenkrupp, who aims to speed up skyscraper construction. At a whopping 246m high, it's the tallest elevator test tower in the world. At the time of research, it was open to the public, with Germany's highest visitor platform (232m) commanding staggering 360° views of the Black Forest, Swabian Alps and – on clear days – the Swiss Alps .

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1. Münster Heilig-Kreuz

0.75 MILES

Standing proud on Münsterplatz, the late-Romanesque, three-aisled Münster-Heiliges-Kreuz features some striking Gothic stonework and cross-ribbed vaulting…

2. Schwarzes Tor

0.82 MILES

The sturdy 13th-century Schwarzes Tor is the gateway to Hauptstrasse and the well-preserved Altstadt, a cluster of red-roofed, pastel-painted houses. The…

3. Römisches Bad

1.69 MILES

Imagine the surprise when this Roman bath was unearthed in the late 19th century. The 45m-by-42m complex served as a public bath for the Roman legion in…

4. Münster

11.26 MILES

The main crowd-puller in Villingen's Altstadt is the red-sandstone, 12th-century Münster with its disparate spires: one overlaid with coloured tiles, the…

5. Münsterplatz

11.26 MILES

The Münsterplatz is presided over by the step-gabled Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) and Klaus Ringwald’s Münsterbrunnen, a bronze fountain and a tongue-in…

6. Franziskaner Museum

11.39 MILES

Next to the 13th-century Riettor gate tower and occupying a former Franciscan monastery, the Franziskaner Museum skips merrily through Villingen’s history…

7. Spitalgarten

11.44 MILES

Tucked behind the Franziskaner is the Spitalgarten, a park flanked by the original city walls. Here your gaze will be drawn to Romäusturm, a lofty 13th…

8. Schlossbergstrasse

15.07 MILES

Clamber south up Schlossbergstrasse, pausing to notice the plaques that denote the trades of one-time residents, such as the Strumpfstricker (stocking…