Schwarzes Tor

The Black Forest

The sturdy 13th-century Schwarzes Tor is the gateway to Hauptstrasse and the well-preserved Altstadt, a cluster of red-roofed, pastel-painted houses. The town gate is the starting point for the pre-Lenten Fasnacht celebrations.

Sidling up to it, the curvaceous Hübschen Winkel townhouse will make you look twice with its 45° kink.

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1. Münster Heilig-Kreuz

0.07 MILES

Standing proud on Münsterplatz, the late-Romanesque, three-aisled Münster-Heiliges-Kreuz features some striking Gothic stonework and cross-ribbed vaulting…

2. Testturm

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Sticking out above Rottweil like a sore thumb, the futuristic, environmentally progressive Testturm is the brainchild of steel-engineering giant…

3. Römisches Bad


Imagine the surprise when this Roman bath was unearthed in the late 19th century. The 45m-by-42m complex served as a public bath for the Roman legion in…

4. Münster

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The main crowd-puller in Villingen's Altstadt is the red-sandstone, 12th-century Münster with its disparate spires: one overlaid with coloured tiles, the…

5. Münsterplatz

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The Münsterplatz is presided over by the step-gabled Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) and Klaus Ringwald’s Münsterbrunnen, a bronze fountain and a tongue-in…

6. Franziskaner Museum

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Next to the 13th-century Riettor gate tower and occupying a former Franciscan monastery, the Franziskaner Museum skips merrily through Villingen’s history…

7. Spitalgarten

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Tucked behind the Franziskaner is the Spitalgarten, a park flanked by the original city walls. Here your gaze will be drawn to Romäusturm, a lofty 13th…

8. Schlossbergstrasse

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Clamber south up Schlossbergstrasse, pausing to notice the plaques that denote the trades of one-time residents, such as the Strumpfstricker (stocking…