Nuremberg & Franconia

The walk or drive up to the hilltop castle of Willibaldsburg (1355) is worth it for the views across the valley from the formally laid-out Bastiongarten; many locals also head up here on sunny days for the nearby beer garden. The castle itself houses two museums, the most interesting of which is the Jura-Museum, specialising in fossils and containing a locally found archaeopteryx (the oldest-known fossil bird), as well as aquariums with living specimens of the fossilised animals.

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1. Kloster St Walburga

0.63 MILES

The final resting place of St Willibald’s sister, the Kloster St Walburga is a popular local pilgrimage destination. Every year between mid-October and…

2. Fürstbischöfliche Residenz

0.68 MILES

The prince-bishops lived it up at the baroque Residenz, built between 1725 and 1736 by Gabriel de Gabrieli. Inside, the stunning main staircase and a hall…

3. Dom

0.69 MILES

Eichstätt’s centre is dominated by the richly adorned Dom. Standout features include an enormous 16th-century stained-glass window by Hans Holbein the…

4. Domschatzmuseum

0.71 MILES

The worthwhile Domschatzmuseum includes the robes of 8th-century English-born bishop St Willibald and baroque Gobelin tapestries illustrating scenes from…

5. Audi Factory

13.68 MILES

Ingolstadt is home to the famous Audi factory that sprawls to the north of the city centre. The two-hour 'Production in a Nutshell' tours of the plant…

6. Audi Forum – Museum Mobile

13.7 MILES

The excellent Audi Forum exhibits on three floors chart Audi's humble beginnings in 1899 to its latest dream machines such as the R8. Some 50 cars and 20…

7. Kreuztor

14.5 MILES

The Gothic Kreuztor (1385) was one of the four main gates into the city until the 19th century and its redbrick fairy-tale outline is now the emblem of…

8. Asamkirche Maria de Victoria

14.51 MILES

The Altstadt’s crown jewel is the Asamkirche Maria de Victoria, a baroque masterpiece designed by brothers Cosmas Damian and Egid Quirin Asam between 1732…