Dip into the past as represented by artists working from the Middle Ages to the 19th century at this superb museum in a sensitively modernised monastery. The Sculpture Hall on the ground floor is especially impressive for its fine medieval sculptures and masterpieces by Renaissance artists Hans Baldung Grien and Lucas Cranach the Elder. Head upstairs for eye-level views of mounted gargoyles.

There is a cafe overlooking the cloister where you can sip a drink and soak up the monastic vibe. The ticket includes temporary exhibitions, displayed in the contemporary Haus der Graphischen Sammlung building, and is valid for all other museums in Freiburg.

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1. Historisches Kaufhaus

0.07 MILES

Facing the Münster’s south side and embellished with polychrome tiled turrets is the arcaded brick-red Historisches Kaufhaus, an early 16th-century…

2. Museum für Stadtgeschichte

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4. Schwabentor


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One of Freiburg's two surviving medieval town gates.

7. Rathausplatz

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8. Haus zum Walfisch

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The marvellously extravagant Haus zum Walfisch sports a late-Gothic oriel garnished with two impish gargoyles.