Madame Tussauds

Museum in Historic Mitte

Image by Mario Tarantino Lonely Planet

No celebrity in town to snare your stare? Don’t fret: at this legendary wax museum, the world’s biggest pop stars, Hollywood legends, sports heroes and historical icons stand still – very still – for you to snap their picture. Sure, it’s an expensive haven of kitsch and camp, but where else can you have a candlelit dinner with George Clooney, play piano with Beethoven or time-travel to the '70s with Ziggy Stardust? Avoid queues and save money by buying tickets online.

The most controversial figure here is the waxen likeness of Adolf Hitler, depicted as a beaten man hunkered in the bunker during his final days, as Soviet troops were closing in on Berlin. On opening day in 2008, a local visitor attacked the figure and ripped off its head, not in protest it turned out, but to fulfil a beer bet.

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