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Neuschwanstein Castle Skip-the-Line from Fussen, Carriage Ride

You are picked up from central Füssen “or meet your guide at Hohenschwangau”  In Hohenschwangau, swap from your coach to a shuttle bus and travel to Marienbrücke, a famous bridge, to enjoy breathtaking views of Neuschwanstein Castle and Pöllat Gorge. Listen to your guide's stories about King Ludwig II, and then take a short stroll down the hill to the castle for your tour. The elaborate Romanesque Revival castle was intended as Ludwig’s personal retreat but the building was never completed and the king spent very little time living there. Hear its history while admiring its incredible furnishings and murals of Richard Wager (the composer) inside rooms like Minstrel’s Hall. Explore Ludwig’s bedroom and admire the Byzantine Throne Room with its intricately detailed mosaics and stately furnishings. After your tour, enjoy some free time to explore at leisure, marveling at the views from the castle’s terraces and grounds. Then, meet your guide at the prearranged time and step inside your horse-drawn carriage for a relaxed-paced ride to the nearby village of Hohenschwangau. Spend time strolling around picture-perfect Lake Alpsee, a beautiful lake where Ludwig reportedly learned to swim. Pose for photos in front of imposing Hohenschwangau Castle, and then board on the bus for your journey back to Füssen. Your tour finishes at the station.

$48.46 Tours & Sightseeing

Skip-the-Line Neuschwanstein Castle Half-Day Tour from Fuessen

The tour begins at 9:30am from central Fussen  to the castle Neuschwanstein.The tour will be finish around 13:00om to have time afternoon to Enjoy the rest of your time in Fussen with many good restaurants, coffee shops and bars to have lunch (at own expense) before you go on to Munich or to your hotel. In a half-day, you will see all the most popular places in and around Fussen. Your visit will be an unforgettable experience. Note: This tour accommodates, ticket, tour and entrance to the castle. your driver it´s  not responsible for the actual tour of the castle and is not required to enter with your group. Our Skip the lineTicket are more expensive than official ticket center,but very efficient:our service for you that we can guarantee to you to skip the long line ticket,save time and stress.

$121.14 Day Trips & Excursions

Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, Oberammergau, Hohenschwangau Tour

Meet your guide near Füssen Station, and then hop aboard the bus to Hohenschwangau village. then we take the shuttle bus to Marienbrücke, a 19th-century crossing that overlooks the Pöllat Gorge. Gaze down at Neuschwanstein Castle with its elaborate turrets and parapets, and then pose for photos set against the backdrop of the heart-stopping Tegelberg mountain. Then, head inside Neuschwanstein Castle for your walking tour, and learn how it was built for King Ludwig II in the 19th century. While the Romanesque Revival castle was intended as Ludwig’s retreat, the building was never completed and the king spent less than half a year living inside it. Admire the stately interiors, including murals that pay homage to compose Richard Wagner – Ludwig’s operatic idol – inside the Minstrel’s Hall. Explore rooms like Ludwig’s bedroom and admire the dazzling ornamentation of the Byzantine Throne Room. Leave the castle and travel to the nearby village of Hohenschwangau to enjoy some free time. Find a restaurant for lunch (own expense) or stroll around Lake Alpsee, one of the region’s most beautiful lakes. Hop back on board your coach and travel along the Romantic Road to explore Wieskirche, a beautiful Rococo church. After admiring its architecture, travel onward to the village of Oberammergau, where the famous Passion Play is held once every 10 years. Explore the village, admiring its pretty Lüftlmalerei (painted houses), and then travel to Linderhof Castle – another of Ludwig’s former homes. Nestled deep in the forest, Linderhof was the castle where the eccentric king spent most of his time. Step inside to see its lavish rooms such as the Hall of Mirrors and the Audience Chamber, and then visit the outside Venus Grotto – an artificial cave said to be modeled on Capri’s Blue Grotto (at the moment the Grotto is closed for maintenance works until 2022). Explore Linderhof Palace Gardens at leisure, and then return to your coach. Travel back to Füssen, finishing your tour at the station at 6:00 pm approx.

$126.91 Cultural & Theme Tours

Full-Day Bavarian Castles Tour from Fussen

The tour starts with a mini Van at 9:30am, departing from Fussen center. The first stops will be the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Hohenschwangau Castle, where you will have about 3-4 hours to see both castles ,marien bridge and the surrounding area. You will then go to rokoko style Linderhof Castle, famous village Oberammergau with many souvenir shops, wall painting and wood carving, and the highlights of Austria along with the mountain Lake Plansee and beautiful scenery of the Austrian Alps. The tour will end around 6pm and will return to Fuessen city centre. this tour will be for you unforgotten experience.

$59.05 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Neuschwanstein Castle Skip-the-Line Afternoon Tour from Fussen

In the afternoon, board your coach at Füssen and relax on the short journey south to Hohenschwangau. After a short shuttle bus from Hohenschwangau to the famous bridge of Marienbrücke, stop to soak up the views over Pöllat Gorge and admire your first sight of Neuschwanstein Castle. Built for the elusive eccentric King Ludwig II, the castle was intended to be his personal retreat but, alas, the building was never completed and the king spent little time there. Hear fun facts about Ludwig’s elaborate abode as you step inside with your skip-the-line ticket, and explore the must-see rooms with your guide. Sites such as Ludwig’s bedroom, the Byzantine Throne Room and Minstrel’s Hall — with its murals of the composer Richard Wagner — are sure to be highlights. After your tour, enjoy some free time to walk around the castle’s grounds at your leisure. Views from the terraces are spectacular, so have your camera ready to capture the sights. Meet back with your guide at the prearranged time, and then walk downhill back to Hohenschwangau to make the most of some more free time. Stroll around Lake Alpsee to see where Ludwig is said to have learned to swim. Finally, relax on the journey back to Füssen. Your tour finishes with a drop-off at the start point in the evening.

$89.30 Day Trips & Excursions

Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee 2-Day Trip from Munich by Train

Day 1: Small-Group Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip (9 hours)Meet your guide near Munich Central Station, and then board your train for the short journey to Füssen, home to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Neuschwanstein Castle. After an uphill walk, head inside the magnificent castle and explore its elaborate interiors with your guide while learning about history and original owner, King Ludwig II. The result of an obsessional extravagance, the castle was the fantasy of the king, who wanted a home that would both wow his people and shelter him from prying eyes. Notoriously shy, the eccentric king died soon after the building was complete, leaving behind one of the world’s greatest castles that he ironically spent little time enjoying.Admire rooms such as Minstrel’s Hall with its murals of Richard Wagner, the operatic maestro who Ludwig idolized; take in the spectacular ornamentation of the Byzantine Throne Room; and walk through the king’s stately bedroom. Neuschwanstein’s exterior is noteworthy, too, so use your free time after your walking tour to walk outside and marvel at the intricate detail of the castle’s parapets and turrets. Many believe Neuschwanstein to be the perfect example of a fairy tale castle, and indeed it was the inspiration behind Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle in the 1959 film.Meet your guide at the prearranged time, and then travel back to Munich Central Station by train where your day trip finishes. Day 2: Herrenchiemsee Palace Day Trip (9.5 hours):The morning after your Neuschwanstein Castle day trip, meet your guide at Munich Central Station and travel by train to Lake Chiemsee, home to another King Ludwig’s elaborate homes, Herrenchiemsee Palace. Ride across the lake to the island where the palace sits, and then head inside to marvel at the palace’s opulence that is said to be modeled on the Palace of Versailles. With your guide at your side, explore Herrenchiemsee’s walkways and behold elegant rooms lined with gold, marble and glass. Look out for the elevated dining table that could be lowered to the servants’ quarters so the king was spared the sight of his minions, and marvel at the ornamentation of the Hall of Mirrors.After exploring the palace with your guide, take a boat ride across the lake to the neighboring island of Fraueninsel (own expense). Barely covering an area of 38 acres (15.5 hectares), the island is small enough to see on foot, so enjoy some free time to explore and soak up its history independently. Be sure to stop for photos by the historical convent, a site that dates back to the first century.Having looked around at leisure, meet your guide and make your way back to the train station to travel back to Munich. Your day trip then finishes at Munich Central Station.