Albrecht Berblinger Plaque


This bronze plaque marks where Albrecht Berblinger, a tailor who invented a flying machine, attempted to fly over the Danube in 1811. The so-called ‘Tailor of Ulm’ made an embarrassing splash landing but his design was later shown to be workable (his failure was caused by a lack of thermals on that day).

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1. Kunsthalle Weishaupt

0.24 MILES

The glass-fronted Kunsthalle Weishaupt contains the private collection of Siegfried Weishaupt, which is presented in rotating exhibitions. The accent is…

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4. Fischkastenbrunnen

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In the Marktplatz is the Fischkastenbrunnen, a fountain where fishmongers kept their river fish alive on market days.

5. Metzgerturm

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Part of Ulm's original medieval fortifications, the 36m-high, colourful tile-roofed Metzgerturm does a Tower of Pisa by leaning 2.05m off-centre.

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8. Marktplatz

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Lording it over the Marktplatz, the 14th-century Rathaus sports a step-gabled, lavishly frescoed Renaissance facade. Out front is the Fischkastenbrunnen,…