The 14th-century Rathaus has an ornately painted Renaissance facade and a gilded astrological clock (1520); bells count off every quarter-hour. Inside you can see a replica of the flying machine created by the ‘Tailor of Ulm’, Albrecht Berblinger.

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Nearby Ulm attractions

1. Marktplatz

0.02 MILES

Lording it over the Marktplatz, the 14th-century Rathaus sports a step-gabled, lavishly frescoed Renaissance facade. Out front is the Fischkastenbrunnen,…

2. Fischkastenbrunnen

0.02 MILES

In the Marktplatz is the Fischkastenbrunnen, a fountain where fishmongers kept their river fish alive on market days.

3. Museum Ulm

0.03 MILES

This museum is a fascinating romp through ancient and modern art, history and archaeology. Standouts include the 20th-century Kurt Fried Collection,…

4. Stadtbibliothek

0.03 MILES

This 36m-high glass pyramid is the city’s main library. Designed by Gottfried Böhm, it's most impressive illuminated after dark.

5. Kunsthalle Weishaupt

0.05 MILES

The glass-fronted Kunsthalle Weishaupt contains the private collection of Siegfried Weishaupt, which is presented in rotating exhibitions. The accent is…

6. Metzgerturm

0.05 MILES

Part of Ulm's original medieval fortifications, the 36m-high, colourful tile-roofed Metzgerturm does a Tower of Pisa by leaning 2.05m off-centre.

7. Stadtmauer


South of the Fischerviertel, along the Danube’s north bank, runs the red-brick Stadtmauer (city wall), the height of which was reduced in the 19th century…

8. Synagogue

0.12 MILES

Fitting neatly into Ulm's ensemble of eye-catching contemporary architecture, this free-standing synagogue was built for the Jewish community and…