Old houses in the famous Ulm fishing district, Fischerviertel, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, HDR imaging

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The charming Fischerviertel, Ulm’s old fishers’ and tanners’ quarter, is slightly southwest of the centre. Beautifully restored half-timbered houses huddle along the two channels of the Blau River. Harbouring art galleries, rustic restaurants, courtyards and the crookedest house in the world – as well as one of the narrowest – the cobbled lanes are ideal for a leisurely saunter.

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Nearby Ulm attractions

1. Schwörhaus

0.08 MILES

On the third Monday of July, the mayor swears allegiance to the town’s 1397 constitution from the 1st-floor loggia of the early 17th-century baroque…

2. Stadtmauer


South of the Fischerviertel, along the Danube’s north bank, runs the red-brick Stadtmauer (city wall), the height of which was reduced in the 19th century…

3. Synagogue

0.11 MILES

Fitting neatly into Ulm's ensemble of eye-catching contemporary architecture, this free-standing synagogue was built for the Jewish community and…

4. Stadtbibliothek

0.15 MILES

This 36m-high glass pyramid is the city’s main library. Designed by Gottfried Böhm, it's most impressive illuminated after dark.

5. Metzgerturm

0.17 MILES

Part of Ulm's original medieval fortifications, the 36m-high, colourful tile-roofed Metzgerturm does a Tower of Pisa by leaning 2.05m off-centre.

6. Marktplatz

0.17 MILES

Lording it over the Marktplatz, the 14th-century Rathaus sports a step-gabled, lavishly frescoed Renaissance facade. Out front is the Fischkastenbrunnen,…

7. Rathaus

0.18 MILES

The 14th-century Rathaus has an ornately painted Renaissance facade and a gilded astrological clock (1520); bells count off every quarter-hour. Inside you…

8. Fischkastenbrunnen

0.18 MILES

In the Marktplatz is the Fischkastenbrunnen, a fountain where fishmongers kept their river fish alive on market days.