Rheumatism, arthritis, respiratory complaints, skin problems – all this and a host of other ailments can, apparently, be cured by Baden-Baden’s mineral-rich spring water. If you’d rather drink the stuff than bathe in it, head to the Fettquelle fountain at the base of a flight of steps near Römerplatz, where you can fill your bottle for free. It might taste like lukewarm bathwater but if it makes you feel 10 years younger, who cares?

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1. Römische Badruinen

0.09 MILES

The beauty-conscious Romans were the first to discover the healing properties of Baden-Baden’s springs in the city they called Aquae Aureliae. Slip back…

2. Florentinerberg

0.11 MILES

The Romans used to cool off at this hill; check out the ruins of the original baths at its foot. Nowadays, on the same site, the serene botanical gardens…

3. Fabergé Museum

0.12 MILES

Admittedly it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you happen to find Fabergé fascinating, you're going to love this museum devoted to its impossibly…

4. Neues Schloss

0.13 MILES

Vine-swathed steps lead from Marktplatz to the 15th-century Neues Schloss, the former residence of the Baden-Baden margraves, which is set to reopen at…

5. Stiftskirche

0.14 MILES

The centrepiece of cobbled Marktplatz is this pink church, a hotchpotch of Romanesque, late Gothic and, to a lesser extent, baroque styles. Its…

6. Paradies am Annaberg

0.31 MILES

These Italianate gardens are the perfect spot to unwind, with their soothing fountains and waterfalls. There are fine views of the Altstadt and wooded…

7. Trinkhalle

0.35 MILES

Standing proud above a manicured park, this neoclassical pump room was built in 1839 as an attractive addition to the Kurhaus. The 90m-long portico is…

8. Kurhaus

0.42 MILES

Corinthian columns and a frieze of mythical griffins grace the belle époque facade of the Kurhaus, which towers above well-groomed gardens. An alley of…