Museum of Modern Art Andre Malraux in Le Havre, France.

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Musée Malraux

Top choice in Le Havre

Near the waterfront, this luminous and tranquil space houses a fabulous collection of vivid impressionist works – the finest in France outside Paris – by masters such as Monet (who grew up in Le Havre), Pissarro, Renoir and Sisley. You'll also find works by the Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy, born in Le Havre, and paintings by Eugène Boudin, a mentor of Monet and another Le Havre native.

There's a cafe with fine views over the harbour and a bookshop downstairs. A MuMa audioguide appears on your smartphone as you connect to the museum wi-fi – if you don't have earphones, reception can supply you with a pair. The museum is situated in an early 1960's building, 1km southeast of the tourist office, at the southwestern tip of the city centre.

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