Must-see attractions in Le Havre

  • Museum of Modern Art Andre Malraux in Le Havre, France.

    Musée Malraux

    Le Havre

    Near the waterfront, this luminous and tranquil space houses a fabulous collection of vivid impressionist works – the finest in France outside Paris – by…

  • Église St-Joseph

    Le Havre

    Perret’s masterful, 107m-high Église St-Joseph, visible from all over town, was built using bare concrete from 1951 to 1959. Some 13,000 panels of…

  • FRANCE - JULY 17:  The hanging gardens in Le Havre, Seine Maritime, France - The greenhouses of the hanging gardens developped in ancient fort on the heights of the city.  (Photo by Xavier TESTELIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

    Jardins Suspendus

    Le Havre

    The Jardins Suspendus (Hanging Gardens) is an old hilltop fortress transformed into a beautiful set of gardens, whose greenhouses and outdoor spaces…

  • Le Volcan

    Le Havre

    Le Havre’s most conspicuous landmark, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and opened in 1982, is also the city’s premier cultural venue. One…

  • Appartement Témoin

    Le Havre

    Furnished in impeccable early-1950s style, this lovingly furnished bourgeois apartment can be visited on a one-hour guided tour that starts at 181 rue de…

  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame

    Le Havre

    When Le Havre's concrete expanses and straight lines overpower you, stop by this lovely Baroque church, which somehow eluded the intense bombing efforts…

  • Hôtel de ville du Havre

    Le Havre

    This colossal building, built in 1958 to replace one flattened by allied bombing in 1944, was designed by architects Auguste Perret – that great…