Golfe du Morbihan

In the crook of Brittany's southern coastline, the Golfe du Morbihan (Morbihan Coast; is a haven of around 40 islands, plus beaches, oyster beds and bird life. Its shallow waters form a breathtakingly beautiful inland sea that's easily accessible from Vannes. Some islands are barely sandy specks of land, while others harbour communities of fishermen, farmers and artistic types seduced by the island lifestyle.

The area is perhaps best known for its profusion of magnificent and mystifying Celtic megaliths – a must for a visit to Brittany. They rise majestically throughout most of the département, charging the area with a sense of ancient mystery.

Further inland lies the handsome town of Josselin, well-known for its huge castle, medieval contours and scenic riverine perch on the River Oust. For further doses of ancient charm, the picture-postcard town of Rochefort-en-Terre is well worth a day's exploration to fully soak up its historic flavours.