Couvent des Jacobins

Top choice church in Toulouse

Image by Joaquin Ossorio Castillo Shutterstock

This elegant ecclesiastical structure is the mother church of the Dominican order, founded in 1215. First admire the Église des Jacobins' ornate stained-glass windows before wandering through the Cloitre des Jacobins, in which graceful russet-brick columns surround a green courtyard. Pause in chapels and side rooms along the way, like the echoing Salle Capitulaire, a 14th-century hall ornamented with a haloed lamb and grisaille portraits of Dominican saints. Don't miss Chapelle St-Antonin, with its 14th-century ceiling frescoes showing apocalyptic scenes.

St Thomas Aquinas (1225–74), the monk-philosopher and early head of the Dominican order, is buried beneath the church altar.