Empty Porticchio beach.

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Plage de Porticcio


Dedicated beach bums generally prefer the sands of Porticcio to Ajaccio's busy city beaches. It’s 15km by road around the bay from Ajaccio, or 6km straight across the water, a route served by a 20-minute ferry six to nine times daily.

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Nearby Ajaccio attractions

1. Citadel


Constructed on the rocky headland during the 16th century, the imposing military fortress that adjoins old Ajaccio still belongs to the army. It has been…

2. Maison Bonaparte

3.82 MILES

Unremarkable from the outside, the old-town house where Napoléon was born and spent his first nine years was ransacked by Corsican nationalists in 1793,…

3. Cathédrale Ste-Marie

3.83 MILES

Surprisingly small but in a commanding position facing out to sea, Ajaccio’s ochre-coloured cathedral dates from the 16th century. As well as a depiction…

5. Chapelle Impériale

3.95 MILES

The crypt of the imperial chapel, across the courtyard from the Palais Fesch, holds the tombs of Napoléon's parents and several other relatives. Don't…

6. Filitosa

10.66 MILES

Corsica's most important prehistoric site, 20km north of Propriano, preserves extraordinary granite menhirs (standing stones) that were originally erected…

7. Ste-Lucie de Tallano

19.13 MILES

Interesting monuments in Ste-Lucie de Tallano, 9km west of Levie, include the well-proportioned Église Ste-Lucie and the imposing, Renaissance-style…

8. Église de l’Assomption

19.85 MILES

Facing across the valley towards its Greek counterpart, barely 100m west, Cargèse’s Catholic church dates from earlier in the 19th century. Its matching…