Trekking on the GR20 trail in Corsica near the Aiguilles de Bavella hiking towards Refuge d'Asinao

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Aiguilles de Bavella

Top choice in Southern Corsica

The high pass by which the D268 crosses the mountains, the Col de Bavella (Bavella Pass; 1218m), is overlooked by the magnificent silhouettes of the serrated Aiguilles de Bavella (Bavella Needles). Soaring to over 1600m, and also known as the Cornes d'Asinao (Asinao Horns), these jagged points vary in colour from grey to ochre to golden as the sun moves across the sky.

The Bavella massif offers wonderful climbing, canyoning and walking. From the parking area at the pass, alongside the white marble statue of Notre Dame des Neiges (Our Lady of the Snows), a high-mountain spur of the GR20 hiking trail splits off northwards to approach Monte Incudine (2134m). Alternatively, a red-marked trail leads one hour south, mostly along a wide dirt road, to culminate with a last-minute scramble to reach the Trou de la Bombe, a giant hole in the rock. If you're lucky you may spot a few of the mouflons (wild mountain sheep) that frequent the area.

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