Carved Bronze Age granite statue menhirs at Filitosa, approximately 3500 years old, one intact with a grumpy face, Corsica, France, Europe

Getty Images/Robert Harding World Imagery


Top choice in Southern Corsica

Corsica's most important prehistoric site, 20km north of Propriano, preserves extraordinary granite menhirs (standing stones) that were originally erected as much as 6000 years ago. Many were re-carved during the Bronze Age, 2500 years later, to hold detailed faces and weaponry, and thus, uniquely, appear to commemorate specific individuals. It takes around an hour to explore this lovely open-air site, wandering across fields and hillsides that hold vestiges of ancient monumental enclosures, and finishing in the modern museum.

Access is tightly controlled, so nothing is visible if you come out of season.

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