Aerial view of the ruins of the square Genoese tower of Porto at the end of the Gulf of Porto, Corsica, France.

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Genoese Tower

The Northwest Coast

Follow the stairway up the tiny headland in the centre of the port – a jumble of red-tinged boulders – to reach the sturdy little Genoese watchtower, which commands dramatic views of Porto, the coast and the mountains.

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1. Waterfront

0.12 MILES

Porto’s main sights are clustered around the harbour. Once you’ve climbed the higgledy-piggledy headland up to the Genoese tower, stroll round to the…

2. Réserve Naturelle de Scandola

0.28 MILES

The jewel of the Golfe de Porto World Heritage Site, the Réserve Naturelle de Scandola extends both above and below the water, from the russet-hued cliffs…

3. Plage de Pero

9.75 MILES

The closest beach to Cargèse is the small strip of Plage de Pero, 1km north of the village and overlooked by a couple of Genoese watchtowers.

4. Église de l’Assomption

10.44 MILES

Facing across the valley towards its Greek counterpart, barely 100m west, Cargèse’s Catholic church dates from earlier in the 19th century. Its matching…

5. Église St-Spyridon

10.48 MILES

Cargèse’s Greek community had been established in the village for 150 years by the time they erected this Greek Orthodox church, between 1868 and 1874…

6. Plage de Calvi

20.42 MILES

Sun worshippers don't have far to stroll. Backed by a grove of pine trees, Calvi’s stellar white-sand beach curves eastwards for 4.5km around the Golfe de…

7. Citadel

21.06 MILES

Crowning a rocky headland, Calvi’s massive citadel was fortified by Corsica’s Genoese rulers from the 12th century onwards, and has fended off everyone…

8. Belvédère

23.55 MILES

Perched on a south-facing promontory immediately below the citadel, and reached via a signposted staircase just outside the ramparts, this free-access…