Cox Gallery


In a city increasingly known for its street art, it was inevitable that a gallery dedicated solely to street art would open. Enter Cox Gallery, with a fabulous repertoire of temporary exhibitions.

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1. Pavé des Chartrons


Nowhere is the immense wealth that 18th-century Bordeaux amassed from its port more explicit than on this posh avenue lined with elegant hôtels…

2. Musée d’Art Contemporain

0.13 MILES

Built in 1824 as a warehouse for French colonial produce such as coffee, cocoa, peanuts and vanilla, the cavernous Entrepôts Lainé creates a dramatic…

3. Monument aux Girondins

0.17 MILES

This imposing fountain on vast square and public-transport hub Esplanade des Quinconces is a riot of horses. It was created between 1894 and 1902 in…

4. Jardin Public

0.19 MILES

Landscaping is artistic as well as informative at the Jardin Public. Established in 1755 and laid out in the English style a century later, the grounds…

5. Musée Bordeaux – Sciences et Nature

0.21 MILES

With more than one million different specimens on show, Bordeaux's former Natural History Museum is among France's most impressive. Closed at the time of…

6. Église Notre Dame du Chapelet

0.39 MILES

On 17 April 1828 the funeral of Romantic Spanish painter Francisco Goya (1746–1828) took place in this magnificent French Baroque church, a stone's throw…

7. Palais Gallien

0.43 MILES

It was Celtic tribes who first established Bordeaux, but it wasn't until about 200 years later, under the rule of the Romans, that the town started to…

8. Place de la Bourse


This is Bordeaux's most iconic square. A mirage of elegance and symmetry, it was laid out by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel between 1730 and 1775 and…