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Château Lynch-Bages


Château Lynch-Bages, gracefully set in the wealthy hamlet of Bages, 2km southwest of Pauillac, is one of the best-known Médoc wineries – due in no small part to the extraordinary energy, passion and charisma of the Cazes family, who have owned the estate since 1939. It is one of the region's oldest, its wine being among the 18 prestigious Cinquièmes Crus classified for the first time in 1855. Each year a contemporary artist is invited to the chateau to create a work of art for it.

In 2017 construction work began on sparkling new, state-of-the-art winemaking facilities for the chateau, promising the very latest in viticultural technology. Designed by renowned architect Chien Chung Pei (son of the celebrated I.M. Pei responsible for the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris), the glass-roofed building with several terraces promises to be sensational when complete in 2019. It will house a dedicated reception area for visitors as well as purpose-built fermenting rooms and cellars.

Tastings take place in a neighbouring chateau while the renovations take place.

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