Enter the world of Tove Jansson’s enduringly popular Moomins at this impressive museum in Tampere-talo. It contains original drawings and beautiful dioramas depicting scenes from these quirky stories (English explanations available).

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1. Ortodoksinen Kirkko


Near the train station, this ornate, onion-domed Orthodox church is worth a visit. During the civil war, White troops besieged the church, which had been…

2. Tuomiokirkko

0.56 MILES

An iconic example of National Romantic art nouveau architecture, Tampere's cathedral dates from 1907. Hugo Simberg created the frescoes and stained glass;…

3. Vakoilumuseo

0.74 MILES

The offbeat spy museum under the Finlayson Centre offers a small but well-assembled display of devices of international espionage, mainly from the Cold…

4. Werstas

0.79 MILES

This worthwhile labour museum has a variety of changing exhibitions covering social history and labour industries. The permanent exhibition consists of…

5. Finlayson Centre


Tampere’s industrial era began with Scot James Finlayson, who established a cotton mill by the Tammerkoski in the 1820s. Later it grew massively and was…

6. Vapriikki

0.82 MILES

This bright, modern glass-and-steel exhibition space in the renovated Tampella textile mill hosts regularly changing exhibitions on anything from bicycles…

7. Lenin Museo

0.94 MILES

There are few displays dedicated to the revolutionary leader here; rather, displays focus on the shared modern history of Finland and Russia. The…

8. Finlaysonin Kirkko

0.94 MILES

The Finlaysonin Kirkko was built in 1879 as a place of worship for employees of the cotton mill and their families.