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Turku (Swedish: Åbo) is Finland's second city – or first, by some accounts, as it was the capital until 1812. The majestic Turun Linna (Turku Castle) and ancient Turun Tuomiokirkko (Turku Cathedral) – both dating from the 13th century – are testament to the city's long and storied past.

Contemporary Turku is even more enticing, a hotbed of experimental art and vibrant music festivals, designer boutiques and innovative restaurants. University students populate the cafes and clubs, keeping the place buzzing.

Through the age-old network of bustling streets and squares, the Aurajoki meanders picturesquely, heading out to sea. For nature lovers, Turku is the gateway to the glorious Turku Archipelago. As one of the country's main ports of entry (many visitors arrive by ferry from Sweden and Åland), it's a fabulous introduction to mainland Finland.

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