Tytyrin Elämyskaivos

Turku & Finland's South Coast

Learn all about the history and engineering of mining at this working limestone mine, 500m north of Lohja centre. A new state-of-the-art lift whisks visitors 110m underground. (It's not quite as exciting as the funicular that used to transport guests, but it's much faster.) Exhibits show off old mining equipment and underground art exhibits; the tour culminates in a hokey but fun sound-and-light presentation over an awesome quarried cavern. Standard tours are in Finnish; book ahead for an English tour.

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1. Lohjan Museo

0.62 MILES

Lohja Museum re-creates a schoolhouse and a cowherd’s cottage from centuries past. The collection includes an impressive range of horse-drawn carriages,…

2. Pyhän Laurin Kirkko

0.83 MILES

Dating from the 1480s, Lohja's medieval church contains incredible murals, mostly dating from the beginning of the 16th century. Starting from the right…

3. Paikkari Cottage

10.74 MILES

Paikkari Cottage is the birthplace of Elias Lönnrot, collector of Finnish folklore and compiler of the Kalevala epic. It’s an endearing cottage set amid…

4. Nuuksio National Park

15.89 MILES

Close enough to Helsinki for a half-day trip, 35km northwest of the city, this 4500-hectare national park gives an immersive introduction to Finnish…

5. Haltia

16.96 MILES

The gateway to Nuuksio National Park is this atmospheric modern visitor centre in the shape of a nesting duck. Inside, exhibitions evoking the sights and…

6. Fiskars Museum

20.02 MILES

Near the lake, Fiskars Museum details the evolution of the ironworks and the village that grew around it, with a different display of arts and crafts each…

7. Raseborg Castle Ruins

23.76 MILES

Looming on a high rock overlooking a grassy sward, the late-14th-century Raseborg Castle was strategically crucial in the 15th century, when it protected…

8. Espoo Museum of Modern Art

25.75 MILES

In the commuter city of Espoo, this museum has a huge collection of mostly Finnish modern art, ranging from the early 20th century to the present. Works…