Sagalunds Museum

Turku & Finland's South Coast

Near Kimito village, Sagalund is an open-air museum with more than 20 old buildings, including a traditional sauna and a blacksmith. English-speaking guides give 90-minute tours every hour.

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1. Dragsfjärdin Kirkko

10.3 MILES

Dating from 1755, this yellow wooden church with marine-blue interior is a charmer. The church's oldest artefact is the crucifix, which dates from 1689.

2. Söderlångvik

13.1 MILES

The beautiful manor house Söderlångvik belonged to local newspaper magnate and art collector Amos Anderson. There are paintings, furniture and special…

3. Pargas Church

16.85 MILES

The Old Town of wooden houses is tucked behind Pargas Church, a beautiful early-14th-century building with whitewashed walls, medieval murals and brick…

4. Art Bank

16.95 MILES

If you think the artwork of Salvador Dalí is surreal, see what you think when you experience it in the context of a fishing village in the Finnish…

5. Pargas Hembygdsmuseum

17.03 MILES

When Lenin was on the lam from Russia to Stockholm in 1907, he stayed in Pargas under the pseudonym Mr Mueller. The outdoor local-history museum contains…

6. Hitis

19.92 MILES

About 8km south of Kasnäs, the island of Hitis (Hiittinen) harbours a charming wooden church. The free ferry MS Aura runs up to eight times daily from…

7. Taidekappeli

23.04 MILES

Like the bow of a ship tipped on its end, this unusual structure is perched on a rock and surrounded by forest on Hirvensalo island, 7km south of Turku…

8. Rosala Viking Centre

23.83 MILES

Rosala isn't just a museum but a Viking village, complete with homestead, chapel and moored Viking ship. An introductory video provides an informative…