Rosala Viking Centre

Turku & Finland's South Coast

Rosala isn't just a museum but a Viking village, complete with homestead, chapel and moored Viking ship. An introductory video provides an informative overview of Viking history in the region, and then you're free to try on costumes, wield weapons, play musical instruments and explore the many buildings. Cafe on site.

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1. Örö Fortress

4.27 MILES

Örö was long a military island, first containing a defensive fortress built under Russian rule and later serving as training grounds for the Finnish…

2. Hitis

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About 8km south of Kasnäs, the island of Hitis (Hiittinen) harbours a charming wooden church. The free ferry MS Aura runs up to eight times daily from…

3. Bengtskär Lighthouse

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5. Dragsfjärdin Kirkko

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Dating from 1755, this yellow wooden church with marine-blue interior is a charmer. The church's oldest artefact is the crucifix, which dates from 1689.

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7. Water Tower

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Zip up the lift to the top of the 50m-high water tower on Vartiovuori Hill for sweeping views across town and out to sea.

8. Hangon kirkko

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Originally built in 1892, this neo-Gothic church was damaged in WWII but has been thoroughly renovated.