Punavuori & Ullanlinna

Helsinki’s largest church, with seating for 2600 worshippers, is the soaring neo-Gothic St John’s Lutheran Church. Designed by Swedish architect Adolf Melander, it's topped by distinctive 74m-high twin spires. Construction began in 1888; it was consecrated in 1891. Excellent acoustics make it a memorable place for free organ concerts at 7pm on Wednesdays in August, as well as ticketed concerts throughout the year – check the program online.

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Nearby Punavuori & Ullanlinna attractions

1. Design Museum

0.11 MILES

An unmissable stop for Finnish design aficionados, Helsinki's Design Museum has a permanent collection that looks at the roots of Finnish design in the…

2. Museum of Finnish Architecture

0.14 MILES

Finland's architecture museum occupies a neo-Rennaissance building dating from 1899. Exhibitions are its key focus, including the fascinating Decades of…

3. Helsinki Observatory

0.19 MILES

Operating as an observatory from 1834 to 2010, this CL Engel–designed building within pretty Observatory Hill Park now contains an astronomy museum with…

4. Observatory Hill Park

0.28 MILES

Designed in 1868 by Swedish landscaper Knut Forsberg in the style of a German city park, and completed in 1889 by his compatriot Svante Olsson, this…

5. Vanha Kirkko

0.41 MILES

Helsinki’s most venerable church is this white wood 1826 beauty, designed by CL Engel. Opposite the church is a memorial to Elias Lönnrot, compiler of the…

6. Esplanadin Puisto

0.42 MILES

Locally known as 'Espa', oblong-shaped Esplanadi stretches for four blocks between the squares Erottaja to the west and the kauppatori to the east…

7. Johan Ludvig Runeberg Statue

0.42 MILES

Finland's national poet and composer of the Finnish national anthem, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, is commemorated by a statue in the city's central Esplanadin…

8. Memorial to Elias Lönnrot

0.43 MILES

Across from the Vanha Kirkko is this memorial to Elias Lönnrot, compiler of the Kalevala epic, depicting the author flanked by his most famous character, …