Museumship Pommern


Anchored just behind the Sjöfartsmuseum, this beautifully preserved, four-masted, merchant barque was built in 1903 in Glasgow, Scotland. The ship once carried tonnes of cargo and a 26-man crew on the trade route between Australia and England. Its record run was a speedy 110 days. The ship closed to visitors in 2016 for a major restoration, and was due to reopen in Spring 2019.

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Nearby Mariehamn attractions

1. Sjöfartsmuseum

0.04 MILES

Preserved boats make up most of the exhibitions at this state-of-the-art museum exploring Åland's marine heritage; the centrepiece is a reproduction of a…

2. Sankt Göran’s Kyrka

0.33 MILES

The copper-roofed Sankt Göran’s Kyrka, built in 1927, is one of the island's few modern churches. Its art-nouveau style was conceived by Lars Sonck, who…

3. Ålands Kulturhistoriska & Konstmuseum

0.69 MILES

After a recent renovation, these side-by-side museums offer an informative perspective on Åland’s culture, past and present. The Konstmuseum showcases…

4. Sjökvarteret

0.87 MILES

At the northern end of Österhamn, Sjökvarteret has long been devoted to boat building. You can stroll along the atmospheric quay, lined with traditional…

5. Önningebyn Museo

3.38 MILES

In 1886 landscape painter Victor Westerholm invited fellow artists to his summer house in Önningeby, a tiny village in eastern Jomala. For almost 30 years…

6. Sankt Olof Kyrka

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By some accounts, Sankt Olof Kyrka is the oldest church in Finland, existing (in some form) on this site since the beginning of the 13th century. Some of…

7. Kobba Klintar

4.91 MILES

Since 1862 a beacon has shone out from this island south of Mariehamn. Nowadays, the original pilot cottage is dwarfed by a bigger and better house with…

8. Sankta Birgitta Kyrka

5.71 MILES

Sankta Birgitta Kyrka is a quaint stone church that was built in 1315. Original frescos tell the story of St Nicholas, the patron saint of seafarers.