The Cotswolds

The private residence of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, a mile southwest of Tetbury, is famous for its exquisite, sustainable, organic gardens, which include rows of shape-clipped yews and a 'carpet garden' modelled on an oriental rug. Two-hour garden tours run on select summer days, detailed on the website and varying from 17 days in a month to just one. They usually sell out far in advance, but last-minute tickets are sometimes available through Highgrove Shop.

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2. Market House

1.26 MILES

Tetbury's 17th-century Market House, perched on stone pillars that seem to bulge under its weight, stands on the central market square. Markets take place…

3. Malmesbury Abbey

4.34 MILES

Malmesbury Abbey is a blend of ruin and living church, with a somewhat turbulent history. Notable features include the Norman doorway decorated with…

4. Abbey House Gardens

4.37 MILES

Beautifully kept, 2-hectare gardens featuring neatly clipped hedges, a herb garden, a waterfall and colourful English country cottage–style blooms.

5. Uley Bury

7.32 MILES

England’s largest Iron Age hill fort, dating from around 300 BC, sprawls across 13 (overgrown) hectares above Uley. A 1.1-mile perimeter track leads…

6. Woodchester Mansion


When work on grand, graceful Woodchester Mansion, off the B4066 3 miles north of Uley, was abandoned in the mid-1860s, the roof was on but the house was…

7. Uley Long Barrow

7.53 MILES

Just over a mile north of Uley, this well-preserved 37m-long chambered neolithic burial mound dates from 3500BC. The remains of around 15 interments have…

8. Nympsfield Long Barrow

7.93 MILES

This 5000-year-old oval-shaped long barrow (earth mound) occupies a spectacular hilltop location. Successive excavations have uncovered at least 13 human…