Wistman's Wood

Dartmoor National Park

Legends swirl around this spooky patch of old-growth oak forest. According to local legend, it was a sacred site for the Druids, who conducted magical rituals here, and is also supposedly haunted by phantoms and hell hounds who prey on unwary travellers. It's certainly atmospheric on a drizzly day, when mist swirls among the oaks and imagination runs wild, but really it's just a peaceful place for a wander. It's near Two Bridges: look out for signs.

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1. Dartmoor National Park

2.48 MILES

At first glance, Dartmoor can come as something of a shock to the senses. The largest stretch of open moorland in the southwest, Dartmoor covers an area…

2. Dartmoor Prison Museum


In the early 1800s, Princetown's infamous jail was home to French and American prisoners of war. It became a convict jail in 1850, and today still houses…

3. Higher Moorland Visitor Centre

2.55 MILES

At the tourist office–visitor centre, heritage displays include those on tin workings, gunpowder factories, ecology and legends – there's also a stunning…

4. Merrivale Stone Rows

3.93 MILES

These two parallel stone rows are up to 260m long, with large stone slabs, or 'terminal stones' at the eastern end. In the centre, hunt out the circular…

5. Grey Wethers

4.17 MILES

At this remote site near Chagford, stone circles stand side by side on a stretch of open moor; another stone circle is 400m away near Fernworthy.

6. Grimspound

5.97 MILES

The remains of 24 Bronze Age houses (often called huts) dot a sprawling 1.45-hectare site that is encircled by an arching 1.5m-high and 7m-wide perimeter…

7. St Pancras Church

6.61 MILES

St Pancras' immense 40m tower has seen it dubbed the Cathedral of the Moor. Inside, search out the boards telling the fire-and-brimstone tale of the…

8. Scorhill Stone Circle

7.01 MILES

At around 30m in diameter, Scorhill is impressive, despite around half the stones (27) only still standing. It's tucked away on open moor near Gidleigh.