TYFKFC Family including children / kid / kids and young girl follow a group trip around Exeter's underground passages and tunnels, interesting destination for family tour of these ancient cut and cover tunnel network. UK (109)

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Underground Passages

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Prepare to crouch down, don a hard hat and possibly get spooked in what is the only publicly accessible system of its kind in England. These medieval vaulted passages were built to house pipes bringing fresh water to the city. Guides lead you on a scramble through the network, relating tales of ghosts, escape routes and cholera. The last tour is an hour before closing; they're popular – book ahead.

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1. Castle Ruins

0.17 MILES

Little remains of Exeter's 11th-century castle except a russet stone gatehouse, attached to a fragment of the city's defensive wall.


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A fixture on the city's cultural scene since Victorian times, this hulking red-brick museum recently received a £24 million revamp. It's a treasure trove…

3. Guildhall

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The earliest parts of Exeter's Guildhall date from 1330, making it the oldest municipal building still in use in the country. An ornate barrel roof arches…

4. Exeter Cathedral

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Magnificent in warm, honey-coloured stone, Exeter's cathedral is one of Devon’s most impressive ecclesiastical sights. Dating largely from the 12th and…

5. St Nicholas Priory

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Originally part of a medieval Benedictine monastery, and later a lavish Elizabethan manor house, this 900-year-old building is currently closed for…

6. Wharfinger's House

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Newly arrived ships in Dartmouth would once have paid their wharfing fees at this picturesque house, which was built in the 1700s. Not open to the public.

7. Customs House


This stately 17th-century building was once the address where ships arriving in Dartmouth were required to pay customs duties. Look out for the antique…

8. Exeter Quay

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On fine sunny days the people of Exeter head to the quay. Cobbled paths lead between former warehouses that have been converted into antique shops, quirky…