Westerham England - August 21 2019; Chartwell country house of Winston Churchill now part of National Trust.

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Why you should go

The Chartwell Estate was home of Sir Winston Churchill from 1924 until his death in 1965. It offers a breathtakingly intimate insight into the life of England's famous cigar-chomping bombast.

This 19th-century house and its rambling grounds have been preserved much as Winnie left them, full of books, pictures, maps and personal mementos. Churchill was also a prolific painter and his now extremely valuable daubings are scattered throughout the house and fill the garden studio.

Follow walking trails that take you through the lovely gardens, into the surrounding woodland, and to the Canadian Camp lined with hammocks. There are various children's play areas too – kids can pull themselves up through a bomb crater on a series of ropes, enjoy swings and seesaws in the Quarry, and clamber over an elaborate freestanding treehouse at the top of the woods.

Tickets and other practicalities

Tickets to the house and grounds, or just the grounds, can be bought online in advance. Entry is free for National Trust members.

Chartwell is 6 miles west of Sevenoaks. Transport options are limited without a car. Take a taxi from the nearest train station Edenbridge (4 miles), accessible from London Victoria.

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