Liverpool, UK - May 17 2018: The Beatles Story located on the historical Albert Dock, opened on 1 May 1990. The museum was also recognised as one of the best tourist attractions of the United Kingdom
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The Beatles Story

Top choice in Liverpool

Liverpool's most popular museum won't illuminate any dark, juicy corners in the turbulent history of the world's most famous foursome – there's ne'er a mention of internal discord, drugs or Yoko Ono – but there's plenty of genuine memorabilia to keep a Beatles fan happy, while kids can get a junior take on the Fab Four in the Discovery Zone.

Particularly impressive is the full-size replica Cavern Club (which was actually tiny) and the Abbey Rd studio where the lads recorded their first singles, while George Harrison's crappy first guitar (now worth half a million quid) should inspire budding, penniless musicians to keep the faith.

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