Liverpool Cathedral

Top choice church in Liverpool
Image by Image Source / Getty Images

Britain's largest church, this magnificent neo-Gothic building is also the world's largest Anglican cathedral. It was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (creator of the red telephone box) and is a stunning bit of architecture, managing at once to provoke awe at its size as well as a profound feeling of intimacy. You can climb the tower for an unparalleled view of the city and beyond: on a clear day you can see Blackpool Tower 55 miles away.

The Tower Experience also features Great Space, a 10-minute, panoramic high-definition movie about the history of the cathedral, which was begun in 1904 but not completed until 1978; and a view of Great George, the world's heaviest set of bells. The vast interior is marked by a studied emptiness, but worth noting is the organ, split between two chambers on opposite sides of the Choir and comprising 10,268 pipes and 200 stops, making it most likely the world's largest operational model. The cathedral is also home to a collection of artworks, including a piece over the West Doors called For You by Tracey Emin: a pink neon sign that says 'I felt you and I knew you loved me'. Guides are on hand to offer tours; a donation of £3 is suggested.