St John the Baptist Church


Built on the site of an older Saxon church in 1075, it's been a peaceful ruin since 1581. It includes the remains of a Norman choir and medieval chapels.

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Nearby Chester attractions

1. Roman Amphitheatre

0.06 MILES

Just outside the city walls is what was once an arena that seated 7000 spectators (making it the country's largest); some historians have suggested that…

2. City Walls

0.16 MILES

A good way to get a sense of Chester's unique character is to walk the 2-mile circuit along the walls that surround the historic centre. Originally built…

3. Dewa Roman Experience

0.25 MILES

What was life like in Roman times? Begin your journey in the hold of a galley ship, where Grapus the Oars Master talks about the dangers of life at the…

4. Rows

0.26 MILES

Besides the City Walls, Chester's other great draw is the Rows, a series of two-level galleried arcades along the four streets that fan out in each…

5. Chester Cathedral

0.28 MILES

Chester Cathedral was originally a Benedictine abbey built on the remains of an earlier Saxon church dedicated to St Werburgh (the city's patron saint);…

6. Grosvenor Museum

0.29 MILES

Excellent museum with the country's most comprehensive collection of Roman tombstones. At the back of the museum is a preserved Georgian house, complete…

7. Chester Zoo

2.57 MILES

The largest of its kind in the country, Chester Zoo is about as pleasant a place as caged animals in artificial habitats could ever expect to live. It's…

8. Blue Planet Aquarium

5.05 MILES

Things aren't done by halves around Chester, where you'll find Blue Planet, which was the country's largest aquarium when it opened in 1998. It's home to…