[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 2012 with Aquatics Centre, the Orbit and the River Lea, Stratford, London, UK

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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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The glittering centrepiece of London's 2012 Olympic Games, this vast 227-hectare expanse includes the main Olympic venues as well as playgrounds, walking and cycling trails, gardens and a diverse mix of wetland, woodland, meadow and other wildlife habitats – an environmentally fertile legacy for the future. The main focal point is London Stadium, now the home ground for West Ham United FC.

Other signature buildings include the London Aquatics Centre, Lee Valley VeloPark, ArcelorMittal Orbit and the Copper Box Arena, a 7000-seat indoor venue for sports and concerts. There's Here East, a vast 'digital campus' covering an area equivalent to 16 football fields. Development of the East Bank, a waterfront cultural and educational district, is in the works.

For a different perspective on the park, or if you're feeling lazy, take a tour through its waterways with Lee & Stort Boats.

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