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$1013 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Galapagos Islands Explorer Package from Santa Cruz Island

Spend four or five days exploring some of the most famous islands in the world! The Galapagos Islands were prominently featured in Charles Darwin’s landmark book on evolution, The Origin of the Species. Like him, you will get the chance to see the sights on six different islands, each with their own unique qualities and charms!On your first day, upon arrival on Santa Cruz Island, a coach will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. On the way, visit lava tunnels and a sea turtle reserve, and stop at Charles Darwin Station to learn about the islands’ animals and Darwin’s observations, as well as the islands’ conservation efforts.You'll visit Tortuga Bay beach on your second day. Enjoy a 40-minute walk to this magical beach and enjoy some free time. In the afternoon, head to 'La Loberia', named after the presence of numerous sea lions. Here, enjoy swimming or snorkeling before visiting 'Canal de Amor', where you will marvel at the incredible views. End your day at 'Playa de los Perros' to see the marine iguanas before heading back to your hotel. Your island hopping begins the next day. You’ll travel by yacht to selected islands (season and weather permitting) and spend each day exploring their sights, returning to the amenities and comfort of your Santa Cruz Island hotel. See described below for details on the islands.Your multi-day tour includes accommodations on Santa Cruz, all inter-island transport, on-island tours and guides and daily breakfast and lunch served aboard the yacht. Upgrade to the five day tour so you see everything this fascinating archipelago offers!Please see the itinerary field below for details on the islands.

$89 Transfers & Ground Transport

Galapagos Islands Airport Arrival Transfer

Upon arrival at Baltra airport, you'll travel by public buses to the tip of the Itabaca canal, where you'll proceed by a public ferry service in the Island of Santa Cruz. Transport will be waiting for you on the other side in order to take you to Puerto Ayora, the hotel zone on Santa Cruz Island. On the way to your hotel and if you're not too tired, you'll have the opportunity to visit the lava tunnels and a turtle reserve. Opt for a visit to the scientific Charles Darwin Station, where you can learn more about the Galapagos Islands, including the species that live in this enchanted place, its origin, the theory of evolution, the conservation programs and have the opportunity to observe some giant turtles in captivity. The Charles Darwin Station is home to Lonesome George, the last living Pinta tortoise and is a must-see landmark when visiting the Galapagos. Note: Transfers are only available for flights operated by LAN Airlines

$352.42 Day Trips & Excursions

Santa Cruz to Bartolome Island Full-Day Tour Including Lunch

Around 06:00 we will picked up by the hotel. Transfer to Itabaca Chanel where we’ll board the boat and take the box lunch. After 2 ½ hours sailing (approx.) we land at Bartolome Island where we could see the most frequently photographed and hence most famous vista of the islands. There are two visitor sites and footpaths. One begins from a jetty (dry landing) from where we walk 600 meters to the 114 mt. summit of the island. Bartolome has also two beautiful beaches halfmoon-shaped with gold color sand that invite us to have a sunbath or snorkel around the lava formations, if we are lucky we´ll might find the Galapagos penguins and sea turtles swimming in shallow waters. We’ll go back to the boat for lunch and sailing back to Santa Cruz    At the end of the tour your driver will drop you off at the dock of Pto. Ayora

$1595 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Galapagos Islands Cruise: 4-Day Catamaran Sail on 'Nemo I'

This 4-day cruise aboard the Nemo I catamaran takes you into the eastern side of the UNESCO-listed Galapagos Islands, an archipelago of 19 islands located off the Ecuadorian coast, with your choice between two itinerary options (see below for more details). The recently renovated catamaran accommodates 14 passengers only, and is wider than the majority of motor yachts that operate in the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy your buffet-style meals (starting with lunch on your first day until breakfast on your day of departure) al fresco, in the covered terrace outside. Water, tea, and coffee are included, and if you’d like a drink with a bit more kick (own expense), head to the bar inside the main deck.Each twin cabin, located in the hulls, comes with a private bathroom, air-conditioning and a fan. You’ll access your cabin through a hatch, which also serves as a skylight window to shine in more daylight along with the portholes. A few cabins offer matrimonial beds, but most have berth (bunk) beds.To reach the islands, you’ll typically leave the catamaran at the anchorage-site and board a dinghy for the final stretch to land. Your crew is trained and ready to assist you as needed. In addition to snorkeling, you’ll enjoy opportunities to scuba dive (own expense) or explore by single or double sea kayak some of the protected bays or shorelines.

$2998.11 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8-Day Galapagos Island Hopping Tour

DAY 1 (L, D):QUITO – SAN CRISTOBAL – PLAYA MANN Our English speaking guide will be waiting for you at the San Cristobal airport. If you arrive before 02:00 PM you will get lunch. If you arrive later, lunch is not included. This day, you will visit The San Cristobal Interpretation Center and Playa Mann. Accommodation in Hotel Arena Blanca.DAY 2 (B, L, D):KICKER ROCK The natural erosion of this ancient cone has created a channel between the rocks that provides the ideal habitat to view a variety of sharks and rays including eagle rays, white-tip reef sharks, and sometimes even the Galapagos shark and hammerheads! In the afternoon you go back to the hotel. Accommodation in Hotel Arena Blanca or similar.DAY 3 (B, L, D):PUERTO AYORA – SANTA CRUZ ISLAND HIGHLANDS EXCURSIONEarly in the morning you will take the public speedboat from San Cristobal to Puerto Ayora (approximately 2,5 hours). After lunch you will visit the Highlands of Santa Cruz to make closer contact with the Giant Galapagos Tortoises. Accommodation in Hotel Fiesta.DAY 4 (B, L, D):CHARLES DARWIN STATION – ISABELA ISLAND – FLAMINGO LAGOONAfter breakfast, you will first visit the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station. Afterwards, you will take a public speedboat to Isabela Island and then you will visit the Flamingo Lagoon. Accommodation in Hotel Casita de la Playa.DAY 5 (B, L, D):SIERRA NEGRA ACTIVE VOLCANO TREK – CONCHA PERLA SNORKELEarly in the morning, after breakfast, you’ll take an excursion to the Sierra Negra Volcano. You will stop for a box lunch before returning to the hotel. After, you’ll have the chance to go snorkeling or swimming at Concha Perla where you can observe the colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfishes, sea lions, or even sea turtles.DAY 6 (B, S, D):LOS TUNELES SNORKELINGAfter breakfast, your guide will take you to Los Tuneles. A series of lava flows have produced unique geological formations, a series of arcs and tunnels underneath and above the water- a habitat for many local Galapagos Species. Accommodation in Hotel Casita de la Playa.DAY 7 (B, L, D):KAYAK IN PUERTO VILLAMIL TINTORERAS – ISABELA ISLAND HIGHLANDSAfter breakfast the guide will accompany you for a kayak excursion in the bay of Puerto Villamil. In the afternoon, you'll visit Isabela Highlands. Accommodation in Hotel Casita de la Playa.DAY 8 (B):THE TWINS – TRANSFER OUT FROM BALTRA AIRPORT“Los Gemelos”, or the Twin Craters, are located opposite to each other. The tour will end upon arrival to Baltra Airport.

$1358.26 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Galapagos Island Hopping All Inclusive 6-Day Adventure

DAY 1 (L):BALTRA – SANTA CRUZ ISLAND – ISABELA ISLAND It is recommended to book flights with an early arrival time to Baltra airport to make sure you can enjoy all of the activities of the tour. Option 1: arriving at Baltra before 11:00 AM At Baltra airport, an English speaking guide will pick you up to go to the port of Puerto Ayora where you can enjoy your lunch. Around 02:00 PM, you’ll take the small public speedboat to Isabela Island. Accommodation in Hotel San Vicente or similar. Option 2: arriving at Baltra after 11:00 AM If your flight is scheduled to arrive after 11:00 AM, you’ll stay at Santa Cruz Island on the first day. Please note that you won’t have lunch if you arrive after 02:00 PM. Accommodation in Hotel Fernandina or similar. DAY 2 (B, S):Early in the morning, you will go on a 30 to 40 minute boat ride from Puerto Villamil.  You will explore the brilliant scenery in Los Tuneles which is considered the most beautiful place to snorkel in Isabela Island. Additionally, the lava flows that passed through this area had formed unique geological formation and, of course, shaped like tunnels. The departure time is between 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM and depends on availability and National Park regulations. Accommodation in Hotel San Vicente or similar.DAY 3 (B, L):TINTORERAS AND WETLANDS After breakfast, you will have a tour to The Wetlands, here you will visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, where you will spot small and giant tortoises in their natural habitat. After lunch you will have a little break and then you will visit Tintoreras Islet. Accommodation in Hotel San Vicente or similar. DAY 4 (B, L):CHARLES DARWIN STATION - BAY TOUR At 06:00 AM you will take the public speedboat to Santa Cruz Island where you’ll have breakfast. Then you’ll go to the Charles Darwin Research Station where more than 100 scientists, educators, and volunteers provide scientific knowledge and assistance to ensure the conservation of the environment and biodiversity of Galapagos. After lunch, you will do the Bay Tour, where you will visit the highlights around Puerto Ayora by boat. Accommodation in Hotel Fernandina or similar. DAY 5 (B, L):SANTA FE BASICO After breakfast, you will travel to Santa Fe Island. You will enter the bay of Santa Fe in a curious panga ride, depending on the conditions, and you will start the trip with a snorkeling activity, here you will be able to see beautiful wildlife and majestic cliffs. You have a “wet landing” here which means there is no dock in Santa Fe. Accommodation in Hotel Fernandina or similar. DAY 6 (B):THE TWINS – TRANSFER OUT You will travel to Baltra Airport. On the way, you will stop by The Twin Craters.

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